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Crystal Beach Tennis Club Rules 2020


In the spirit of fair play and respect for other members, all members (adults, youth and juniors) are kindly asked to abide by the following rules to allow for a safe, enjoyable experience for all:


Tagging Up 

  • All members MUST tag up on the booking board near the gate. Every player on a court must place their tag on the same time slot and court on which they are playing. For example, if 2 members are playing on Court 1 for the 7:00 session, BOTH of their tags should be tagged on Court 1 for 7:00.
  • Courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Each session starts on the hour or ½ hour (sharp), and lasts 30 minutes per the Club house clock.
  • Maximum of one 30 minute session for singles or doubles, when other members are waiting to play. This 30 minute duration is in effect until further notice (likely for the 2020 tennis season as a result of COVID-19). 
  • Players who are not tagged up will be asked to confirm their membership status.
  • Players identified as non-members will be asked to leave the court area, and will be encouraged to purchase a CBTC membership.
  • Members playing on a court for which they have not tagged up may be asked to give up the court if other members arrive and tag up for that court.
  • The password for the gate lock is to be kept strictly confidential to members only.
  • Remember to bring your tags home with you at the end of your session.


Session Protocols

  • For members who wish to continue playing beyond their currently tagged session:
    • You may do so if there are NO other members waiting to play.
    • You may do so by tagging up for an available court for the next session BUT ONLY at the end of the current session.
    • Each member playing on a court MUST tag up for that court on which they are playing.
    • Courts should be rotated with new players coming onto the courts, as court quality varies.
    • Members who arrive in the middle of a session, may tag up on an available court and begin playing. In order to continue playing beyond their current session, they may do so if there are NO other members waiting to play.
    • In general, be considerate in managing court usage.


Court Protocols

  • A maximum of 4 players per court is permitted (i.e., players only) during regular sessions.
  • No pets, roller skates, scooters, skate boards, bikes, radios, etc. on courts.
  • The gate must be closed when the courts are in use by other members.
  • The gate must be locked, when courts are not in use.
  • Take care when adjusting net height for pickleball. The height of the net at its centre is 34” or 0.86 metres for pickleball. At the end of the session, please return the centre height to 3 feet or 0.91 metres, the standard net height for tennis.
  • Brooms and are available to keep the courts clear of debris.
  • Court lights can be turned on for play in the evenings (until 11:00 p.m.), and must be turned off by the last players on the court (switch is on the lamp post up the small hill from the gate).


Guest Players and Guest Fees

  • Guests may play with a member up to 3 times per season (cost $5 per session). After that, membership fees apply.
  • Guest fees must be paid to a member of the Executive Committee at the earliest convenience.
  • Guests are expected to abide by CBTC rules.



  • Proper etiquette is to be demonstrated both on the courts and around the Club house (e.g., no swearing or spitting).
  • At the start of a session, players should promptly pack up. Waiting players can then go to their court to set up for their session.
  • Always respect play in progress when entering or leaving the courts. Wait for other players to finish their point. When there is a pause in the action move quickly to/from your court.
  • If your ball is accidentally hit into another court, wait for the players on that court to return it.
  • Please take your garbage home with you.


Attire and Equipment

  • Proper tennis attire must be worn – shirts are a must, as well as non-marking athletic shoes.
  • Come prepared with your own balls, towel, water to drink (spills of juice, soda, etc. can lead to damaged court surfaces). A sports bag keeps miscellaneous items out of the way of play.


Steward & Club House

  • Access to the Club house including washroom facilities is prohibited during the COVID-19 period.
  • There will be no Stewards for the 2020 season due to COVID-19.


Rights and Responsibilities

  • The CBTC Executive reserves the right to prohibit access to the courts and/or to suspend membership for failure to abide by Club rules.
  • The CBTC Executive reserves the right to amend these rules, as needed.
  • The CBTC rules are set out to govern court usage in a fair manner for all members.  Please respect the rights of others by observing these rules and help ensure that these rules are respected by all players. 
  • It is the responsibility of all members to adhere to COVID-19 related directives, including: 
    • Use proper hygiene and do not share equipment.
    • Practice safe-distancing play.
    • No loitering or hanging around courts in large groups.


The CBTC Executive thanks all members for their cooperation in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all!