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Tennis Instruction

CBTC has two Club members who offer private / semi-private instruction and hitting lessons at an hourly rate.

Jacob Leong

Jacob Leong is a competitive tennis player currently playing for the University of Ottawa Tennis Club at the Division 1 level.  He has been playing tennis since he was 3 and transitioned into competitive at the age of 9, where he trained under some of the best coaches in Ottawa, from whom he draws his expertise. He is currently the coach for the University of Ottawa's Division 2 and 3 tennis teams while maintaining balance as a student athlete.

Jacob offers individual instruction for youth and adult CBTC members. Instruction can also be given to a small group of up to three members. Alternatively Jacob offers hitting sessions for those who would like to work on their game or strokes without the element of instruction.

For further information please contact Jacob directly at jacob.leong.ca@gmail.com

Ethan Leong

Ethan is an 19 year old tennis player and is one of the best tennis players in the city.  Ethan currently has 7 years of coaching experience and is a TPA certified tennis coach.  He has taught all ages and levels, including 3-80 year olds and levels ranging from high performance to beginner.  He has gained a great knowledge and understanding of the game by competing at a high level as well as learning from ATP Certified Coach Heath Waters, and NCAA D1 player Jeremy Gibbons-Schneider.  He is still on his own quest to being the best tennis player he can be. 

Ethan offers individual lessons for junior and adult CBTC members, and group lessons exclusively to adults. The group lessons are mainly focused on three different levels of play (beginner, intermediate and advanced), as well as programs for fun games and cardio tennis (excluding instructions). 

Ethan also offers hitting sessions for members that want to challenge their game in a point-play or match situation.

For further information please contact Ethan directly at ethan.leong.us@gmail.com