Reservation Policy
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  • All Members MUST book courts online.
  • The reservation system is available to CBTC Members only. Only Members with an email or username can book a court (note that family members must have unique emails).
  • Players receive a confirmation email once the reservation is accepted, as well as a reminder email 2 hours in advance. Reservations can be changed prior to the start time (e.g., to switch courts or players). Please cancel your booking as soon as you know you are unable to play to free up the session for other members.
  • Courts are open 6am to 11pm. Courts can be booked up to two days in advance. Sessions or slots are 30 minute intervals, starting on the hour and half hour. Court schedules can be viewed 5 days ahead.
  • Prime time is from 5:30pm to 8:30pm Monday to Friday. Maximum duration of prime time reservations is 30 minutes. See the Reservation Policy tab in CourtReserve Welcome page for more details on weekly limits of advanced booking for prime time play. There are no limits to last minute bookings during prime time made within the 30 minutes before a reservation start time (pending court availability).
  • Singles and doubles reservations can be booked for 30 minutes or 1 hour during non-prime time. Please limit advanced booking to a total of 1 hour. If you want to play longer than 1 hour, then you must wait to book another 30 minute session during your second 30 minute time slot (pending court availability).
  • For those who wish to practice their serves, please use Court 3.
  • All members MUST tag up with their ID tag on the booking board near the gate. Every player on a court must place their tag on the same time slot and court on which they are playing.
  • To play beyond your currently reserved session you can book online within 30 minutes of the next time slot as long as there is a court available. If you do not have access to the internet while on the courts, then you may continue playing as long as no other members show up to play who have reserved the court online.
  • Close the gate when entering and leaving the courts. Lock the gate when courts are not in use. Last players on the courts must turn off lights at night and lock gate. Remember to bring your tags home with you at the end of your session.
  • Please note that the reservation system and usage of courts will be monitored to ensure fair access to the courts. Your cooperation in respecting all procedures in place this season is greatly appreciated.